Persuing quality and value aims to become the TripAdvisor of the UK recruitment Industry​ – it’s as simple as that! Our website will allow everyone open access to rate and review Employment and Recruitment Agencies, Head hunters, executive search firms and the like. is the only specialist recruitment and human resource comparison website. Totally free and 100% independent to users, who provide most of the content. Find the best and worst recruitment agencies and human resource suppliers in your market and location.

All ratings are based on reviews written by real people and give readers the ability to compare recruiters directly with their competitors. It is our aim to provide, for the first time, unbiased guidance on the quality of service and value provided by the myriad of suppliers that crowd the UK market place.

Although primarily focussed on recruitment, the website also encourages the rating of payroll, system, salary-sacrifice and legal advice providers. With low barriers to entry the recruitment marketplace is, to say the least, well-provided for.

Candidates and employers can rate and give feedback to Recruitment agencies; sharing their experiences so that they and all others get the benefit of a candid view of the best and the worst. Agencies can access valuable feedback, highlight their success and promote their business - all completely free.

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